Sunday, December 18, 2005

Restaurant 73: Vlaam Frites (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

RESTAURANT: Vlaam Frites
LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
DATE: September 16, 2005
FOOD: Fries with Green Peppercorn Mayo
PRICE: 2.50 Euros

It’s extraordinary that the Dutch people are so thin considering the fried food cornucopia that is part of their culture. However, they do have junk food down to a science. Fries with one of a myriad of dipping sauces are available all over Amsterdam. Though mayo and curry ketchup are the standard flavors, green peppercorn mayo was an interesting alternative. It tasted like steak au poivre in liquid form. Peppery, but not spicy, it would have been better if the taste of pepper was stronger and that of the mayo more subdued. As for the fries themselves, crunchy but flavorless, a small order killed any desire to eat fries for countless days to come.

RATING: 3.0/10


tara said...

Hello there! I've not visited in ages, but you'd have to know that a post on frites would get my attention! It is too bad that these seemed rather disappointing. One day I shall invite you over to try a version I've seen in duck fat - I've never tasted the product before, but if ever there was someone I'd want to share the experience with, it would be you! Anyway, I think most people I know would be horrified at the thought ... I know you'd appreciate the brilliance.

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