Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tour 4: The Grape Escape

In which Rockefeller sets out in one evening to have a glass at two restaurants and two wine bars highly reputed for their exemplary collections, attempts to refine his pathetically adolescent sensibility for the nectar of the gods, and tries to accrue an understanding of the subtle variations between vintages, all the while ignoring the effects of these spirits in order to stay upright throughout the adventure.

LOCATION: 43 East 20th St.
WINE: E. Pira & Figli – Dolcetto d’Alba ‘Chiara Boschis’ – Piedmont, Italy 2003
PRICE: $11.50

In which Rockefeller, his youthful exuberance in stark contrast to the geriatric society assembled in Veritas at 6:30 pm on a Saturday, enjoys a deliciously rich and full-bodied Italian red from chef Scott Bryan’s extensive cellar containing over 100,000 bottles, remarks on the superb lack of acidity in the wine, and studies the Veritas wine menu which contains numerous famous individuals’ quotes on wine, including one from the Beastie Boys.

LOCATION: 24 5th Avenue
WINE: Two 3 oz glasses – 1: Vouray Brut NV Champalou – Loire, France; 2: Rose de Loire 2004, Chateau Soucherie – Loire, France
PRICE: $11.50

In which Rockefeller finds a place at the bar of Cru run by “it-chef” Shea Gallante, is pleased to find the wine menu of over 65,000 Bottles allows for 3 oz tastings from which he selects a remarkabe uplift of effervescence in the form of the Vouray Brut of Loire, but is then underwhelmed by a tasteless, bland, yet fragrant Rose from the same region.

LOCATION: 175 2nd Ave
WINE: Antonelli 2003 (Umbria) – full bodied, with good minarlity and an almond quality
PRICE: $10.00

In which Rockefeller, now slightly inebriated, walks across town to the trendy Bar Veloce (located directly across the street from Cacio e Pepe), and again partakes in an aromatic and nutty Italian wine, this time white in color, which caters to his preference of dry wines perfectly, though he wonders if the bar’s design isn’t trying a bit too hard to be chic, especially since one of the best aspects of wine is the reserved tradition of its craft.

LOCATION: 215 E 4th St.
WINE: Passito di Pantelleria - Minardi, Sicily
PRICE: $13.00

In which Rockefeller, now bordering on tipsy, marvels at In Vino’s rustic layout, but more importantly, the sublime nature of his red dessert wine, surprisingly mild and temperately sweet, exhibiting the same full-bodied character he found so fantastic in the Dolcetto at Veritas, and the night ends with his realization that the adage “In Vino Veritas” is true, and his quest has truly come full circle.

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