Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just Desserts 2: Clinton St. Baking Co. (remix)

RESTAURANT: Clinton St. Baking Co.
LOCATION: 4 Clinton St.
DATE: May 9, 2005
DESSERT: Biscuit, Hazelnut Biscotti, shared order of Angel Food Cake with Masticated Berries BEVERAGE: Tap Water
PRICE: $6.50

“Clinton St”
***prepare to be underwhelmed

I had been to Clinton St. for the pancakes one time before
This time I came strictly for the biscuit…well, and the dessert du jour
The biscuit was feathery, flaky, and buttery just like a biscuit should be
So damn tasty, oh, if only Pillsbury had as nearly as good a recipe

But though it was huge and it really should have been enough
I couldn’t resist trying the angel food cake, a dessert I love
Even lighter than the biscuit and with fresh whipped cream like woah(!)
This shouldn’t be a seasonal special but a menu staple fo sho

Now I know I ain’t street and that I really can’t rhyme
But the berries and biscotti forced me to jot down a line
Masticated (not masturbated) meant these berries were a little smashed
All the same to me, so frickin’ tasty, they were gone in a flash

The biscotti packed a nutty crunch perfect for coffee dipping
I ain’t lying to you, for desserts Clinton St certainly isn’t tripping
Another successful visit to this homey, comfortable place
Baked goods consistently able to put a smile on my unpoetic face

(wow that was a horrorshow)

RATING: 7.5/10

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