Monday, May 23, 2005

Just Desserts 5: Taralluci-E-Vino

RESTAURANT: Taralluci-E-Vino
LOCATION: 163 1st Ave. (corner of 10th and 1st)
DATE: May 19, 2005
DESSERT: Three scoop gelato medley of Kiwi, Tiramisu, and Bacio.
PRICE: $5.00

Confessions of a Gelato Lover:

"When I close my eyes, I see it. When I lick my lips, I taste it. My addiction grows stronger each day. The shaking won’t stop. The sweating drenches my clothes. I can’t sleep. The voices in my head are getting louder…

Any chance I had to kick the habit, ended when I happened upon Taralluci-E-Vino the other night. During the Winter, they only served dessert and coffee. I was fine. But the warmer temperatures have brought gelato to this coffeshop’s floor. I tired, but I couldn’t resist. I walked in and all was lost.

The tiramisu was only mediocre and perhaps if it had been my lone selection my addiction would still be under control. But the kiwi tasted like I was biting into fresh fruit, black kiwi seeds interlaced in the cream – my junkie track marks. And then the Bacio. Like nothing else – chopped hazelnuts, chocolate – somehow the greatest candy has been bettered. My eyes twitch and my heart races. I get chills for no reason. I’ll try to resist, go to my GA meetings, but I doubt it’ll help. The Bacio’s pull is too strong and my resolve too weak. I need the gelato…"

RATING: 7.9/10

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